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HxLauncher: Launch Android applications by voice commands


1 Quick download

2 Changes

2.1 2019.7.8

3 Explanation

4 Usage

4.1 Download/install

4.1.1 Google Play

4.1.2 Download an install manually

4.2 Usage

5 Privacy policy

5.1 Recording audio

5.2 External storage


1Quick download

Click this link to download:





Version 2019.7.8, brings you the following changes:

  1. 1.Add proper support for Android 6.0 and above. 

  2. 2.Improve stability. 

  3. 3.Add support for special models Nokia X7 and Nubia X. 

  4. 4.Keep the screen on for some games. 

  5. 5.Add Settings page for you to adjust the behaviors accurately. 

  6. 6.Improve voice command accuracy. 


This is an application launcher. It has the functionality to start your applications quickly by voice commands.

Please watch this video for more details:



4.1.1Google Play

This would be the easiest installation method if you had Google Play on your phone.

Visit this URL with the browser on your phone:

Or scan the following QR code:


Or search for {HxLauncher} in the Google Play application.

You can install this application with either method.

4.1.2Download an install manually

Visit this URL to download the installation apk:

Or scan the following QR code:


You can get the installation apk with either method. And then, you can install it manually.


After installing the apk, press the “home” button to return home.

The system would ask you for which application to be the home.

Select “HxLauncher”, then click “Always”.

The system would pop up another dialog, telling you how to change the default home application to other applications.